SANCOLD management commitee

Elections are held every year to elect members to the Management Committee to fill vacant posts.  A system of staggered terms of office has been introduced to ensure continuity.

The first elections were held during the SANCOLD Annual Event in early November 2009 and thereafter elections have been held via e-mail to ensure a greater degree of participation.

The SANCOLD Management Committee (MC) for 2017 consists of the persons given below.  Their term of office is also indicated.





Term *
of Office




B Mwaka



Reserved position. Re-appointed by DWS.



X Mdletshe*



Reserved position Appointed from 2017.



E Vorster



Reserved position.  Alternate T Tente.



F van Vuuren



Reserved position HESA re-nominated.



G Basson

University of Stellenbosch


Past VP of ICOLD to serve for 3 years.



D Badenhorst



To serve in 2017 as past Chairperson.



J Lombaard*



Elected in 2016 for a 3-year term <35 years.



Q Shaw*



Elected in 2016 for a 3-year term. Chairperson.



D van der Merwe



Elected in 2016 for a 3-year term.



M Blaeser



Elected in 2016 for a 3-year term.



L Hattingh*

Hattingh Anderson Associates


Elected in 2013 for a 3-year term. Vice Chair.



M Trumpelmann



Elected in 2013 for a 3-year term <35 years.



M Moshodi



Chair of SANCOLD YEF-ex officio.



D Cameron-Ellis*



Elected in 2014 for a 3-year term. Treasurer.



H-J Wright*



Elected in 2014 for a 3-year term. Webmaster.



G De Jager



Co-opted for instream flow requirements.



D Grant-Stuart

Knight Piesold


Co-opted for tailings dams.



CPR Roberts*



Externally appointed Secretary.



The term of office is defined from the year following the November elections in the previous year.
Exco Members will be indicated thus (*).

No election was held at the end of 2015 and the same Management Committee remained for a further year in 2016 (the ICOLD 2016 event that was held in Johannesburg).  All Terms of Office were thus extended by one year to ensure continuity.  Exceptions to this were for the YEF Chairperson who has a different cycle and for co-optees who are co-opted for the year in question.  Elections were held in November 2016.

YEF still to hold an election during 2017.
SAICE still to confirm representation.
Co-optees was confirmed by the Management Committee on 27/20/2017.


manco-danie-badenhorstDanie Badenhorst - Chairperson
Danie is a Technical Director (Dams) of BKS Consulting Engineers. His experience covers dam engineering services for 11 years with DWA and 22 years with BKS. He joined BKS in 1987 after filling the post as Chief Engineer: Dam Safety Office. Danie served on the ICOLD Committee on Small Dams and is currently South Africa’s representative on the ICOLD Committee on Embankment Dams.  He has been SANCOLD Chairperson since 2010.
manco-ivor-segersIvor Segers – Vice-Chairperson
Ivor was the previous Assistant Secretary of SANCOLD. Ivor is employed by DWA and is currently the Programme Manager for the Dam Safety Rehabilitation Programme.  Ivor was elected to the Management Committee in the under-35 year age group.  He was elected as Vice-Chairperson in 2012.
manco-peter-pykePeter Pyke - Treasurer
Peter has spent most of his career with the Department of Water Affairs serving in various positions in construction, operations and planning of water infrastructure. He is currently a Chief Engineer in the Directorate Options Analysis. He served as SANCOLD Vice Chairperson (2003-2010) and Treasurer (1992 – 2011) and has attended various ICOLD meetings since the Durban Congress of 1994. Peter is a Vice-Chairman of the ICOLD Technical Committee on Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams.
manco-paul-robertsPaul Roberts - Secretary
Paul retired from DWAF in 2003 after 43 years of service, rising to Deputy Director General: Water Resources Management. Since retirement he has been consulting. Paul has been involved with SANCOLD for over 40 years and is a former Secretary and Chairman. Paul served as the Executive Secretary of the SANCOLD Organising Committee for the 1994 ICOLD Congress held in Durban. He was Chairman of the ICOLD Technical Committee on Shared Rivers and a Vice-President of ICOLD from 2002 to 2005.  Paul has served as SANCOLD Secretary on contract since April 2008.
manco-gerrit-bassonGerrit Basson
Gerrit is a Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch and has been instrumental in arranging the highly successful SANCOLD courses and conferences. He was Chairman of the ICOLD Committee on Sedimentation of Reservoirs and also a General Reporter at the 23rd ICOLD Congress in Brasilia in May 2009 on the topic of reservoir sedimentation. Gerrit represents the Universities (HESA: Higher Education South Africa) on SANCOLD in one of the reserved positions.  Gerrit has been elected as a Vice-Presidential candidate of ICOLD for the African Zone for the period 2012 to 2015

manco-andre-besterAndré Bester
André Bester has 12 years’ post-graduate experience in dam engineering and related fields.  The first two years of his career were spent in the hydraulics laboratory of the University of Stellenbosch being involved with the construction and testing of a variety of dam spillway models and other hydraulic structures.  This was followed by four years at the Department of Water Affairs which included risk based dam safety evaluation of Government Dams, feasibility design of dam raisings, dam rehabilitation, and detail design of spillways.  In the past six years he has been involved at project management level with the implementation of a major water augmentation project which comprises, inter alia, the construction of a cofferdam, large intake structure with associated hydro mechanical equipment and balancing dams.  André has been involved with SANCOLD directly and indirectly since 2005 as Assistant Secretary and later as the SANCOLD webmaster.

david_cameronDavid Cameron-Ellis
David Cameron-Ellis’ 21 years of post-graduate experience has focused primarily on the design and rehabilitation of dams.  He is a Director in the Dams and Hydro division of ARQ Consulting Engineers and is a registered Professional Engineer and member of SAICE and SANCOLD. His experience extends from basic planning through to construction implementation of dam projects, and includes project management. David has worked on numerous dam types. David attended the ICOLD Congress in Barcelona in 2006 and has attended all of the recent SANCOLD congresses. David has co-authored and presented two papers at SANCOLD conferences.
dgsDuncan Grant-Stuart
Duncan has over 35 years’ experience in design and construction of earthfill, and rockfill dams, tailings storage facilities, pipelines and pump stations.  He began his career in the Ministry of Water Development in Zimbabwe before joining Knight Piésold in 1981 and has been involved with tailings and ash disposal facilities since then.  In 2011 he was co-opted onto the SANCOLD Management Committee as Tailings Dam representative.  Duncan has undertaken work in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, Iran, Turkey and Madagascar.  He is a SANCOLD (Member), a registered Professional Engineer, Fellow WISA, MSAICE and MICE.

manco-beason-mwakaBeason Mwaka
Beason started his career in academics as a lecturer/researcher at a number of universities in Kenya, UK and lastly in South Africa. He joined DWA in 2000, where he is presently the Director for Water Resources Planning Systems. He represents the DWA (Policy and Regulation Branch) in one of the reserved places. He is also a regular facilitator at SANCOLD organised courses.

kevin_lKelvin Legge
Kelvin is a Senior Specialist Engineer in the Department of Water Affairs, RSA.  His 29 years’ experience extends from large storage dam developments, through associated civil, environmental and mining infrastructure, to waste management technology. Having specialised in the field of fluid flow through natural materials and geosynthetics, he is a member of the IGS, SAICE Geotechnical Division; IAIAsa and the Endangered Wildlife Trust who has contributed to national standards, legislation and references on filters, barriers, grouting and integrated environmental management.
quentin_sQuentin Shaw
Quentin Shaw is a director with ARQ Consulting Engineers.  He has worked exclusively in dams and hydropower during his 26 year career, specialising in Roller Compacted Concrete, with over 2,4 million m3 placed to date.  He has worked on dams from 5 to 280 m in height on projects in 20 countries.  He serves on ECSA’s APP committee, has participated in five ICOLD Congresses and two RCC symposia and is a regular contributor/presenter at the SANCOLD dam design courses.  He has presented more than 25 papers and lectures on dam engineering and received his PhD in RCC dams.  Quentin authored the “Concrete Dam Engineering” Chapter of the UNESCO Encyclopaedia of Life Support Systems (2002) and the chapter on RCC for dams in the 9th edition of Fulton’s Concrete Technology (2009).
manco-tente-tenteTente Tente
Tente represents SAICE (Water Engineering Division) as an Alternate in terms of the new structure in a reserved position. Tente is employed by TCTA where he was Project Engineer for the recently completed Berg Water Project. He is currently the Project Manager for the Mooi Mgeni Transfer Scheme Phase 2.
michelleMichelle van den Berg
Michelle:  After graduating, Michelle worked on the rehabilitation and construction of weirs.  Since joining ARQ in 2005 she worked exclusively on the design and construction of new dams and rehabilitation of existing dams. Currently she is working on Changuinola 1 RCC Arch-Gravity dam in Panama where she gained valuable experience in both construction and design of RCC dams.  Michelle has authored technical articles on various aspects of dam engineering.  Currently she is an elected member of the SANCOLD Management Committee for the under 35-year age group.
dawidDawid van Wyk
Dawid has 35 years of experience as a civil engineer.  He is a Technical Director with Aurecon and heads up the Dam and Hydropower Unit in the Water Group.  He has specialised in the hydraulic design of spillways and outlet works and embankment dam design and construction.  He has designed, supervised and inspected more than hundred embankment dams with heights of up to 60 m in 8 countries.  He is the South African representative of the ICOLD Committee on Hydraulics for Dams and a member of the ECSA Committee on Professional Engineers for Dams.  He has presented several papers at SANCOLD Symposia and at the 22nd ICOLD Congress in 2006.
Eduard VorsterEduard Vorster
Eduard Vorster joined Africon (now Aurecon) in 1998. In 2002 Eduard won a Cambridge-MIT Institute Scholarship to complete his PhD in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), conducting research on soil-structure interaction on the Cambridge Beam Centrifuge. Following his PhD studies, Eduard returned to South Africa to join Aurecon’s Geotechnical Team. Eduard is a Professional Engineer and Technical Director (Geotechnical Engineering) in Aurecon. Eduard is an active member of South African Engineering fraternity and is an immediate past Chairman of SAICE's Geotechnical Committee and current member of the SAICE Geotechnical Committee. His project experience was gained through projects located in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, Lesotho, Angola, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Bahrain, Libya and the United Kingdom. Eduard represents SAICE on the SANCOLD Management Committee.


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